Life with an autistic person

A person with the autism spectrum disorder diagnosis is different from others. We often perceive them as an oddball and loner, we do not know how to communicate with them. It is essential to realize that the behaviour and manifestations of the autistic person hide their diagnosis and it is up to us to try to understand them.

A different one does not mean a worse one
The autism spectrum disorders bring not only complications, bus also advantages to the person’s life. Autistic people see the world differently from “ordinary” people. However, differently does not mean worse – special studies talk about a different type of intelligence. However, they need understanding and support of their surrounding to be able to show their potential.


The autism spectrum disorders are a life diagnosis, which cannot be treated. However, the right approach, understanding and support can improve the quality of the person’s life significantly. There are not any exact instructions on how to treat an autistic person, since the manifestations vary not only depending on the particular type of a disorder, but they can also vary from a person to a person also with the same disorder sub-class.

PATIENCE and SYMPATHY are the basic equipment for life with an autistic person.