Awareness and education

We develop an important information and edifying activity about the issue of autism focused on family members and the special and laic public. For better understanding we recommend to watch short documentary of RTVS – “Path”.


Rehabilitation Centre for people with autism

SPOSA provides a whole-year operation of the Rehabilitation Centre, where we perform social rehabilitation and social consulting. The social rehabilitation contains different activities intended to integrate an individual into the society. We do various therapies within the social rehabilitation, e.g.:

  • music therapy
  • art therapy
  • housework and self-service training, e.g. cooking or household appliance operation

SPOSA price list [SK]

Opening hours of the SPOSA Rehabilitation Centre
From 10,00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. A different time can be arranged for social consulting.



SPOSA organizes cooperation with volunteers from all over the world through the international programme Erazmus +. Volunteers from different countries come to our centre for internship, where they give their time and energy to people with autism disorders.

The volunteers help with a day-to-day agenda of the centre, they take part in stays or weekend activities. Their working hours are usually from 12.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., they are entitled to two days off a month. Their tasks are different, e.g. they can

  • organize and help with the SPOSA activities
  • help with education of autistic people and understanding of their needs
  • provide autistic children with simple forms of therapy
  • help autistic children with day-to-day duties and self-service
  • visit museums, exhibitions, swimming or dancing classes together with autistic children
  • take part in rehabilitation stays for families with autistic children


Who can become a volunteer?

Despite the fact that volunteers do not need any special qualification we will prefer the ones who study or work in related industries. We look in particular for patient, flexible people, interested in the issue of autism and willing to help people with this disorder.

The volunteers are provided with accommodation and food, they get pocket money. The employees and management of the organization care about them during their activities in SPOSA.


Bidirectional exchange of experience and energy is the essence of volunteering.



SPOSA organizes summer camps for families with autistic children once or twice a year. That is a great opportunity for the parents, who can relax and meet people with similar life situations. They also have an opportunity to open important issues, which they can solve with experts.

Specialized social consulting

We provide a complex input for solving the situation in the family where an autism diagnosis occurs in the consulting centre. We admit new clients and solve their current and forecast question, about diagnostics, reasonable intervention, integration of the child into special education facilities and integration of the autistic child. We emphasize consulting for parents. The consulting centre provides consulting to clients from all around Slovakia and it cooperates with a lot of specialized centres. We also deal with social issues of families with an autistic child.