Autism at work

Stories of the first employed peoples with autism

  • Why the project “Autism at Work”

    People with autism spectrum disorders have a big problem to get employed after they complete their education in Slovakia. They stay at home, get unemployment benefits, they stay usually with one of their parents without hope for an independent life. The families suffer from insufficient income and their members cannot get self-actualization. They live in isolation and they often lose the meaning of life. And it might be enough to give the autistic people a chance to show what is in them.

    “The project originated from the initiation of the association of parents. As close relatives we know that autistic people are skilful and they are definitely able to do more than just sit at home sadly without any goal. We want to give them a possibility to show what is in them, but we also realize that they do not have a chance without help. Therefore we have made this project, which can bounce them from the bottom”. – Miki Štubňa, a SPOSA member and brother of autistic Michal

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    How it works

    Also thanks to your help we were able to train a total of 10 coaches, who train a group of 30 autistic people. They continously search what job they are suitable for, they help them with systematic development and training. Having passed the education process they will help them identify the suitable jobs.

    The coaches also help the autistic people contact their potential employer, they will pass the selection procedure with them and they supervise them during the trial period. The money from you help us cover the cost of the training, teaching material and work with the autistic people.

    And the result?

    We have employed our first autistic Michal in the hotel Falkensteiner after the training covered by us successfully. His employer could not stop praising him – the rooms tidied by Michal were brightly clean. Also based on this precedent we are sure that this project makes sense. Michal’s self-confidence has risen and his work experience has opened new dimensions for him. He found out that someone can appreciate his abilities and in particular he got a chance for a full-valued life. The change which occurred has a positive impact on everyone – it gave Michal the feeling of usefulness and his family has hope that their son may live at least partially independently.

    Story of one diagnosis and the path to recover it in the documentary series “My diagnosis”. Watch the full part in the archive of RTVS.

    How we select the first participants of the project?

    We choose the coaches according to the interviews, where we consider their qualification and professional experience. We select the first thirty autistic people for the project according to the interviews, where we check their basic prerequisites for work responsibilities.

    Why do we need your support?

    We are a civil association, which does not have many financial resources available. We also know that work with autistic people is hard. We use your help to train the professionals, who have power to affect dozens of lives and destinies. Project “Autism at Work” you can support at any time with voluntary contributions through the “Donate” button at the top of this page.

    It affects also you

    There are a lot of autistic people in Slovakia, who would like to work but they have not been given a chance. Instead of contributing to the state budget in form of taxes they draw money from it. Our precedent proves that it can be different. Therefore it does not matter whether you know an autistic person or not. Every man with an autism spectrum disorder, who will start work, is a benefit for all of us.