Where can I find help?

Diagnostic Centres

In the case of suspicion of an autism spectrum disorder the first step should go to the general practitioner. In the ideal case they should refer you to a specialist for examination. The diagnosing of the disorders by a GP can be sometimes problematic, as not everyone is well informed in this issue. In you have a suspicion of a disorder also despite the denying position of the GP, you may address a specialized Diagnostic Centre. The GP should refer you to a specialist, which is a psychiatrist or a neurologist in this case. However, in addition to hospitals you can address some of the specialized Diagnostic Centres.

Social Service Facilities

If your suspicion has been confirmed and you or someone of your close relatives has been diagnosed with some of the autism disorders, you will probably need help in different areas. You will find it really useful to look for one of the Social Service Facilities. They can not only help you with the diagnostics, the experts there organize different types of therapies, they provide consulting and they work not only with autistic people but also with their family members.


  • If your Diagnostic Centre or Social Service Facility is missing on our web site, please contact us on the e-mail address: sposa@changenet.sk. We will be happy to add it.