An autistic person and free time

When you are planning any activities with an autistic child, it is important to explain them in every detail what they are going to do in advance (of course using such means of communication that they will be able to understand you). Both at educational activities and at free time activities it is important to set a regular regime and to follow it.

The extent and type of the disorder determine the type of activities again. The children with developed communication and social skills can attend the same afterschool clubs as ordinary children. Of course, it is necessary to inform the people responsible for the children at the specific time about the child’s diagnosis. If the child is still small or the disorder does not allow them to attend group activities, make the program for them at home.

Tips for free time activities:

  • Drawing
  • Music
  • Board games
  • Movement games
  • Sport activities

The same as in ordinary children it is very important that the autistic children have time also for themselves, when they can (if it is safe) do what they want. However, it is important to remember that the imagination centre is usually damaged in the autism diagnosis and the children are not always able to play spontaneously.