The process of getting independent is hard for the people with autism spectrum disorders already in childhood and pubescence, however, it becomes really complicated in particular at the moment of becoming an adult. While ordinary people can get employed after they complete their education, the autistic people are often reliant on help of their family also in their working age.

The unemployment rate of people with autism is almost 100 %. This problem has a negative impact not only on the lives of the people with autism and their families – it has also an all-society dimension. Exclusion of the people with autism from the working life causes the chain of dependence on the family and state support, also with isolation and loneliness as the secondary effect.


We design the solution for autistic people segregation

The autism spectrum disorders have really various manifestations and not every autistic person is able to work. There are also a lot of works which are absolutely unsuitable for people with an autism spectrum disorder. However, on the other hand, there are a lot of jobs, in which some “deficiencies” of people with autism may be used in favour of the tasks or assignments and satisfaction on both sides – the person with autism as well as the employer – may be achieved.

To design an efficient, fast and accessible solution, which can eliminate the segregation of autistic people and the infringement of the rights of this community, is one of the most important activities of the civil association SPOSA.

Such a solution may bring the interruption of the vicious circle of dependence and it may bring an advantageous, working economic model, which will have a positive impact on the entire society.
Donor of the project “Autism at Work” is The Velux Foundations, thanks to which the whole initiative is realized today.